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Hey Livejournal,

Long time no speak! I do apologize massively but I have no audience here so I may be as well speaking to nobody on here but yeah. Or should I just say that infamous: Yet. There we go. Yet.  Ahem! *clears throat* Time for me to update you with something new today! Whoo-hoo! Hi journal of empty audience? How are you! So hello again from the writing mind of myself, the author, here. Now as you may not know I've been gone and why was I gone? I basically got sucked into life happenings and checking out other sites (notably Tumblr and Twitter as now they're my new home). However, I'm taking a break from it but I do miss Twitter and as a habit, I find myself signing in and then I have to sign out because yeah.  (Sometimes I feel like just bursting in Twitter and being like, "HEYOOOOOOOOOOO!" the way Ralph does when he bursts into the 30th Anniversary party of Fix It Felix Jr. but I have to refrain myself from saying anything and logging out reminding myself, I'm on a break for a reason).  Anywho on the writing front, I've also been trying to write Fanfictions aside, I've got loads of original stories just bursting at the seams in my head. You heard that right! Original stories but unfortunately I won't be able to share with you all of it. There's just so much plot and ideas. I don't know where to begin! My mind is just scrambly and like, "DO THIS!" and "OMG DO THAT! OMG!" you know?  Yet my body is exhausted and is like, "No hahahaa."

So what are you writing at the moment? To be honest, I did write a bit of chapters for my Harry Potter fanfiction but I feel like my OCs starting to turn into a Mary Sue.  No, wait,  Mary Sue doesn't even cut it!  Let me rephrase that: BLANDLY THE PERFECT.  Okay. That may not be a good term out of it and I just...yeah but you know: one of those characters who EVERYBODY likes, has no decent flaws, and doesn't have a goal, and is so cardboard, you'd be like, "WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU EVEN DOING?!" or more accurately:  "I'm sorry but she's so bland, I can actually stop reading this and just hate her and move onto other fanfictions."  Well, to be honest, it did give me that air when I went and reread my work.  *cringes*  That and I'm not sure if I'm executing the Weasley twins' characters  the right way. WHY IS IT WHEN I WRITE ANY NON OC CHARACTERS AND ONES THAT ARE CLOSE TO CANON, WHY IS IT THAT I SUCK AT IT?!?!  Have I not invaded their mindframe alot? Did I not do accurate research? Do I not know how their personalities and traits along with habits, mannerism, and so forth work even?  Oh, that, and also: Is it because I probably have no vocabulary that's not the appeal or genuis level? Or something like that? Do I write to please and despair myself in the end? Yes, probably. Ugh. I'm just going to tackle this problematic thing about canon character writing in fanfiction later.  For now, the question is: CAN I NOT WRITE CANON CHARACTERS? Oh dear gosh, if the answer is yes, well then, I need to do something with my brain.  DIVE INTO RESEARCH! But no seriously, oi voy. -__-;

On the most random note, I found a picture that somebody took with Instagram (because it looks Instagramish does it not?) Wait, how do you go on Instragram if you don't have one? Because apparently, I don't. I just find it through other sites  like Tumblr but that place's like addicting and you can almost find anything if you can search for the righ tag and go through Tumblrception and diving into other people's Tumblr so yeah.  Wait, what? I'm probably just rambling endlessly.  Getting to the point, I found this picture, Instagram post, to be totally inspirational  and something I've needed. Seriously needed. This is just awesome though and something that's actually a grain of truth. People aren't always going to be there for you but they can try.  Okay, long story short: I'm going through friendship issues and this is the part of the journal that turns into my dramarama section. I'm sorry if you that threw you off by the way. You may feel free to leave if you're into that. Anyway, I know that because I've haven't been there for one of my friends and I always felt bad until they told me they are doing better or I feel like my prayers and thoughts have been answered when I see them the next time and they tell me they've been going through. However, if any of you have a downer-week like I had with my breaking point a week ago or two. It's not pretty whe you get to that or have been there.  If you have and got through it, I'm sorry that you had to through that and I applaud you for getting over it.  I do hope that you found the strength to become stronger after that.  I thought I'd say that to get it out of the way.  So about this post, yeah, going to talk about it a bit. So this is just something really encouraging and motivating. I know I need it with the piles of workload of college work I have and the writing I'm doing. Soon a possibility of a part-time job and someday: MY WRITING JOB...if God lets me or something that's coming in the future. *sighs*  Right, right, right. It has to be HIS will and not mine but hey, that's just me speaking for myself. You can ignore me if you'd like.

Still, this is actually something.  So basically encouraging words for y'all (as one of my former friend like to say):

This is from a faith-inspirational Tumblr that I follow on my writing blog on Tumblr but I feel it's the truth and can be applied to non-believers too.  So yeah, it's just something I thought I'd share with you guys today. Apart from that, my week has been monotonous and hectic with homework, a few itty personal and family issues, and I really do miss my friends on Twitter. but yeah, I'll be back one day and then we'll be reunited and jumping like those kids you see on the hardbook cover of  singing, "Ring around the Rosey!" or something like that. You get what I mean.  In seriousness, I just came back here to try and update on my life and update this place.  I'm hoping to talk more about writing in my future entries since yeah, I need to tell you guys more about it but sometimes I'm just so disorganized in the brain and so scatterbrain or spacey that I just want to write ridicoulous somethings and not pay attention unless there's something serious happening. Okay, you know what I'm being plain ridicolous or was it my tired brain speaking? Anyway, I hope you guys have a good day and I'm hoping that you all are doing well.  I hope that quote I shared also helped you even if you aren't into the whole "religious"/faith type of thing but yeah.  I won't keep rambling anymore and yeah, I'm going to just shut up now and go do something else.

Signing off,
11 September 2011 @ 02:59 pm
This is just a blank slate for where all my character interviews will go. If you need anything else, please just ask me or if the link is not working properly then please let me know.  Currently I'm in the middle of revamping this masterpost and will not be posting anything until I get it sorted out.
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09 September 2011 @ 02:40 pm
Hello, if you have stumbled upon this journal. This journal is for my writing purposes. I will put this journal to full use participating in fanfiction communites on here.  I also will try to complete my fanficiton, planning for my creative works, and OC stuff.  If you're interested in my writing, please feel free to friend/watch me.

This is going to my primary writing journal that expresses creativity, as for my opinions and other things not regarding writing, please head over to my personal candypie100

I will make also a list of fanfiction archive for those of you interested in reading my works.  I will also be sure to annouce when my work is up and/or post in the LJ communities.  But for now, I'll leave this journal at rest until I do so.
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